Redhill is an incestuous breeding ground for God’s mistakes

Living in Redhill, Surrey

Redhill is an incestuous breeding ground for God’s mistakes. Sterilising the population of redhill has always been on my mind, but I’m sure the crafty buggers would find a way round it. These little ******* could get a brick pregnant! This kind of fertility should have not been wasted on the filth that reside in this council estate.

I beleive it is Ronald Mcdonald who is to blame. He likes to [definitely not for legal reasons] fill his rat “Prime Beef” burgers with fertility drugs “lovely stuff” [allegedly] supplied by [A large pharmaceutical company we can’t name] and watches the ignorant ****** pile in. Before you know it, you’ve got a queue at the dole office longer than The Great Wall of China! All these are brought up to believe that getting a job is for posh twats. “Right Chardonnay, you little *****! Get down the dole office naaaw and sign on! Make sure the bloke at the desk knocks ya up aswell, you’ll get ‘oused quicker that way!” What kind of lesson is this?

The majority of them in Redhill can be found outside Mcdonald’s, brandishing knives in the Abbot, or riding their BMX’s home after claiming disabilty allowance at the job centre. Alternatively you can find them pacing round the market trying to buy lighters so they can burn stuff. The Embassy is also a great attraction for ****. The they travel for miles around to clog this **** heap of a club so they can stick ketamine up their noses and **** each others sisters. The place smells like ***** and blood and isn’t recommended to anyone with a volitile gag reflex.

How grim is your Postcode?

Redhill in general has a chipped red paint theme running throughout the town making it look (trying to think of a descriptive word)…….****. It kind of clashes with the blood red stains left on the pavements by teenage girls who’ve be dragging freshly chewed umbilical cords from their vaginas. The whole place is a health risk. I’d rather eat cat sick and bath in liquidised horse **** than step into that vortex of displeasure.