Sleezy old Letchworth. Dear oh dear!

Sleezy old Letchworth. Dear oh dear. I’ve lived in Letchworth for eight years now and what I’ve witnessed over the years is incredible. Head into town on a Friday night and find yourself staring at groups of the local teenagers who believe they’re high end drug dealers carrying knives down the front of their trousers. The people of Letchworth feel like something out of Hot Fuzz, unless you’re a weed smoking skinhead who shouts his head off at any given moment, you’re looked at as if you’re some sort of alien. Unless you’re rich enough to live near the Broadway, chances are you’re going to end up living next to some pr*cks who shout and swear at their children then head to their back garden to smoke a joint. Morales and values aren’t something that the people of Letchworth are aware of, it’s all about “how can I make easy money so I can go drown it on Alcohol and Weed”.

The town centre has made an effort to become less **** looking, however those ridiculous statues near the station are just a plain eye sore. The community of Letchworth is basically split into three groups,
1.The Rich (who don’t care in the slightest about the town, just making sure the ne’er-do-wells don’t try to nick their nice new cars)
2.The Working Class (The honest good people)
3. The Underclass (90% of Letchworth’s population)

The rich act separated from the rest of the town and have probably tried to pay the council to quarantine the rest of the town on more than one occasion. The snooty big heads who live up around Standalone Farm and the Broadway look down on you as filth, and you can’t blame them because 90% of the people in this town are.

You may luck out and come across some good honest hard working people, but chances are slim. The majority of the people here spend their benefit money on buying alcohol then standing outside the front of their house with their neighbours chatting away and giving evil eyes to anyone who passes by.

And that brings us to the underclass. They head over the Poundland to stock up for the week then head back to their flat in Jackmans to slowly rot and succumb to an illness related to inhaling too much cigarette or weed smoke. Having been inside the jackmans estate flats myself, all there is to know is that if you can imagine living in what resembles Auschwitz only with added weed stench and beer stains, you’re pretty much there. The only money they make is from selling whatever drug they can get hold of until they eventually get arrested.

The youth can’t be entirely to blame though, because Letchworth is absolutely boring. There is practically nothing for kids to do age 12+. They could always head off to the tots of Hitchin or the even worse Stevenage, but even then that’s just a compromise. If you’re lucky, your children will hopefully shut themselves indoors and play video games all day because its either that or they can go join the ‘ard nuts of Letchworth’s pathetic wannabe gangs.

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