Liskeard, Cornwall… moving here is biggest mistake you will ever make

Liskeard, Cornwall and all its sly little outlying villages, if you move here to “better your life” then it’s the biggest mistake you will ever make. The people who live here (and there family who’ve lived here for 1000 years and they don’t let you forget that) are horrible! Rude beyond rude! The only people who are ok who you will meet, are not from Cornwall. They have the world’s most vicious tongues and gossip, wohhhhh everyone will know your business.

The kids of these 6 toed fools are even worse. Self harm in Cornwall is a massive problem, bullying in the schools is out of control, most of the bullies relatives work in the schools soooo no discipline there! I lived there for nearly 4 years and can count on one hand how many police I saw …. they really are a law unto themselves …. terrible drug problem … it’s awful …. but NEVER is it spoken about in the media because if the truth was ever spoken about these places, it would crush the tourist industry.

Being a tourist here, well, just 6 miles from Looe, the prices are outrageous and they HATE everyone who isn’t Cornish so they rip you off at every turn. Fish and chips £12.00 eeekkkk! I will never darken the door of Cornwall again. I most certainly would never spend another penny there knowing what they actually think about the people from the rest of the UK.

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