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Leigh Park, Hampshire
Once the largest council estate in Europe, Leigh Park has a long tradition of chavness and could well be the origin of all Chavs apon this Earth. (were there any evidence that anyone’s moved out since 1959)

From the youngest creole-wearing babies collecting fag ends outside the chippie to the wrinkled hags in leggings pushing Netto trolleys home, Chav is and always has been at the heart of Leigh park.
On the outskirts of Ports-muff this top Chavtown offers the discerning Kev everything they might wish for.

For the teen-townie who hasn’t yet got their own council flat, theres plenty of chip shops, offies and newagents to hang round outside, though favourite spots include Point 7 and Park Parade, the towns main shopping precinct. This is the ideal place for shouting at old ladies, asking grown ups to buy you White Lightening and meeting and mating with other Parkies. Here you’ll find the main shops every chav needs to visit on the way home from the dole queue. For some everyday shoplifting and the latest Now album theres Woolworths and there’s New Look, Peacocks and Bewise for the less-brand conscious scum (the rest get their rip off Tommy Hilfiger from the market or a bloke down the Wheatsheaf) Plus theres Iceland, Kwiksave and Netto a short shopping-trolley-push home. For better shoplifting and Argos Jewellery Pompey is only a short bus ride away, where parkies can mix with Chavs from as far as Waterlooville, Paulsgrove and Gosport by the fountain outside the Cascades Centre.

For those over 15s not hanging around outside Alldays with their younger siblings & mothers of their children may I recommend excellent drinking holes such as the aforementioned Wheatsheaf, the Swallow, the Greyhound, and the Warren (bricked up windows- quality!) Though it is not unusual to stroll along Middle Park Way with a can of Stella. At Weekends the chavs get in their Ford Escorts and go down town again (Portsmouth) and usually end the night drinking in Guildhall walk with a dance at Flares or Route 66 and a shag round the back of Wetherspoons.

As every Parkie has at least one child by their 20th birthday Leigh Park is a very family orientated community. Everyone is related in some way and little Bianca will always have a half-sister somewhere on the estate to play with. This may be a barrier to outsider Chavs wishing to get a council exchange here, but enough sportswear should assure any potential parker-partners their distinct gene pool is safe from dilution.

Also Recommended in the Hampshire…
Lots of parts of Southampton, though most true chavs visit Shirley high street at least once a day from the surrounding Shirley, Millbrook and Lordshill.
Lots of parts of Portsmouth- everyone saw the pride of Pompey, Paulsgrove on the news with their paedophile riots, but what about Somerstown, Buckland and Stamshaw?
These are relative pockets of Chavscum in relation to Leigh Park and their proximity is evidence of how the menace could have spread out from Leigh Park like man out of africa.

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