Gosport, Hampshire …more like cesspit Hampsh*te

Ah good old Gosport, where the council sits on its backside raking in money from parking meters despite there not being anything in the town worth parking for! The council are [a fine upstanding example of local government, honestly, they’re definitely NOT] dodgy and for some reason in this god forsaken town, they keep voting in a Tory, [one of them] being the utterly useless [person we can’t name] who [possibly] doesn’t live anywhere near here [We think iLiveHere got through that legally unscathed, phew!].

The town centre is non existent, McDonald’s has now shut but don’t worry, there’s a KFC, Gregg’s, a pasty shop which [allegedly] sells stale cakes at full price, 20 cafes, a few pubs, an abundance of second hand shops and shop doorways full of druggies & homeless. If you want to study the lower scratter life then sit and watch as they abuse people who don’t give them money to fund their habits and watch as lads on bikes cycle in to exchange drugs for money. You can then watch as they go shoot up in the local park or ferry gardens and leave their needles there for kids to find.

Have kids? Dont bother trying to find a good park they’ve all been vandalised & set fire to, if you dare to try the beach areas beware of dog sh*t and needles, as for the splash parks, unless you’re a single mum of 10 kids in your 20s and have a mouth a sailor would be proud of, don’t bother. The kids are unruly and think nothing of slapping and hitting other kids and chuckle when they cry.

The ch*vs on the streets in every single area of gosport are growing daily, due to [allegedly having] no police force in the area. They rob shops, threaten people, attack people and hold people at knifepoint, but don’t have to worry because there’s [allegedly] no police to stop them. Some areas are used as speedways, you can see ch*vved up cars bombing it down the 30mph roads at 60 or 70mph popping and banging as they fly by running red lights and overtaking people doing the speed limit.

The most entertaining thing is when they crash into a barrier at speed and get out looking like it’s the barriers fault and kick the sh*t out of it for ruining their car… the people who drive these cars have a low IQ due to years of **********.

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