Hinckley: Pretensions To Adequacy

Living in Hinckley

Hinckley has all the soul-destroying features described in the other articles on this website. It is no different from every other featureless, nondescript dump.

Every town has its local nutter. Hinckley perhaps distinguishes itself in one respect here, as it would appear to be a breeding ground for nutters. Nowadays, it’s getting harder to spot them, as frequently many of the weirdos heedlessly staggering about while talking aloud are in fact on the phone to someone. That someone may well be adjacent to them. (See Texting to the bloke sat next to you in the pub).

The environs. Castle Street is the hub of the town. Do not confuse this with The Hub, the new combined Jobcentre and Town Hall, purpose built to get all the benefits folk under one roof. Benefits being the chief industry of Hinckley.

How grim is your Postcode?

The old town hall was knocked down to make way for a leisure centre. The old leisure centre is awaiting demolition. Castle Street is so named to commemorate the castle, which was knocked down to make way for the old town hall. The derelict ruin called The Castle commemorates a pub called The Castle. Many of, no all of the other pubs simply look as if they have been demolished.

If there was anything of note to mention, Hinckley would not get a mention on this site. The overall impression one gets from this website is that Britain has many once-pleasant towns. That they are no longer pleasant, but ugly and menacing is due to neglect. Neglected by the local authorities, the police and the education system. It’s not that nobody gives a damn. Everyone who’s written their articles here clearly does. Equally, everybody feels it’s too late. The rot has gone too far.