Grimsby, a once proud town now taken over by slumlords

Living in Grimsby

As a kid that born and grown up in Grimsby all my life right from 1960, I have seen a great deal of changes and not just the structural side of the town.

Grimsby was as I remember, a very clean and proud place with a whole host of occupants that worked hard and looked after their home inside and outside. Their kids enjoyed life and 99.9℅ of neighbours always got on and kept an eye out for each other, but did have the odd disagreement. The streets were clean, communities were proud, kids played and were contented, unlike nowadays.

Things became worse when private landlords turned up and we ended up being called south Humberside. This town has too many houses dating back to 1900s, that are now beyond their life span which need bulldozing asap, not in 10 or 20 years time. It’s almost a sign of the slum times and needs correcting urgently. The kids just do as they please, because some of their parents are couch potatoes, smoking dope and drinking alcohol, instead of being parents living in the real world.

How grim is your Postcode?

The streets are strawn with rubbish 7 days a week these days, yet in the 60s and 70s the streets was clean, the parks were always clean colourful and people respected them as well as each other. When did things go wrong? Well that is easy, it all changed for the worse in the late 70s early 80s with the lack of punishment in schools, respect not being tought by parents and staff, kids having kids.

Then the private landlords arrived and they wanted a way of getting extra money in their pockets, which meant that properties started to look dated, unloved and the tenants just did as they pleased because they did not have to care about the outside or the inside of of their homes. The slum landlords also failed to maintain their properties.

The council started over charging for excess rubbish and large items to be taken away and that has lead to dumping on the streets, other peoples alleyways and other gardens. When people move out of a rented home, they leave their rubbish and goods behind because either they do not care or can Ill afford to have it taken away. However, there are those who just leave stuff behind because they are flitting.

If it was up to me I would bulldoze the town or even better just nuke it!

Whatever you do, don’t ever think of moving here as it will only get worse until the council sees sense and rebuilds the town how it should be and put the town’s roads system right instead of always cocking it up. We need far more police on foot and I mean real police not PCSOs. Our police force needs to be double what it is to be able to start sorting out the mess of this crime ridden town.