Mablethorpe: Oldies ghost town

Living in Maplethorpe, Lincolnshire

Having lived in Mablethorpe for 12 years of my childhood and recently moving back to take care of an elderly relative, I think I can say I know Mablethorpe pretty well.

It’s a ghost town. Both banks have now shut down and good luck trying to use the post office for your banking needs if you’re in a rush. Every old person within a 10 mile radius comes here to collect their pension. No matter what time of day there’s at least a 20 minute wait. We’ve been left with 2 cash machines which a frequently empty or out of order.

During the winter season it’s not so bad, the locals are pleasant and polite, minus the drug addicts down George Street and Wellington Road (AVOID!) but during the summer season, it’s awful.

How grim is your Postcode?

Full of ch*vs who think they own the place with their 5 kids who run wild in shops. They’re forever blocking up paths while stood there with their pushchairs, *** ******* out of their mouth whilst screeching at another of their kids and refusing to move if anyone tries to get past.

It has the potential to be a really nice seaside town if only the council injected more money into it and if established businesses invested there. Unfortunately any new shop that does open usually closes within 2 years.

One positive I will mention, is how clean it is. The council workers who clean the streets will be out in all weather conditions tidying up, planting flowers to try to make it look nice.