Burton Latimer – The hole of Kettering

Living in Burton Latimer, Northamptonshire

Everyone knows what a **** is, supposedly? The big gangs of kids and teenagers, who hang around together outside McDonald’s and ironically the police station, to look cool and make out they don’t care what others think. This point would be proven if they didn’t go around smacking every other person who looked at them funny.

Burton Latimer

I find is basically c**v central, for any teenager hoping to fit in with the crowd. Walking through burton latimer, c***s ride past on their bikes and shout ridiculously un-insulting insults such as:

  • ‘Ugly ****’
  • ‘F*ckinnn emo, go slit your wrists’
  • ‘Your dads a ****, your mum’s a *****, and your sister’s a ****’

Any of the above, despite the fact you might not have any siblings at all.Walking through the town centre of Burton Latimer is the worst, especially at night. The ***** are in a massive group standing outside ‘the local chippy’. The coolest place ever it seems to them.

How grim is your Postcode?

Some are wearing trackies, tucked into ugg boots and the famous white nike jackets. While others are in tight black skinny jeans, fluffy hooded parker coats and black boots. Or the worst, dressed up in tiny skirts and tops and their underwear ******* out for every passerby to gawp at, and either feel sick or feel invited. How could you possibly get through the winter wearing that many clothes I wonder?

Each girl is plastered with an orange foundation, which seems is always three shades darker than their skin colour, and their visible white necks stand out from a mile off. Then dark rouged cheeks and eyebrows plucked so thin, they look drawn on. With mascara clumped onto the eyelashes and eyeliner inched long below their eyes, topped off with the traditional ‘plumping lipgloss’. Or the sticky cheap tacky s**t from boots. C**v girls from burton look like clowns to me, and do they really wonder why people laugh at them?

The boys are sitting in their crappy Corsas, trying to show off their new body kits, and hiding the scratches on their cars. With blacked out windows, and multi-coloured head lights to look ‘bareee cool’.
And their pumping bass speakers vibrating the car, sitting on the front seat in a pair of nike trackies, nike air max (perfectly white), black or white sports socks pulled over the bottom of the trackies, and a matching nike jacket, and perhaps a ‘bling’ eyebrow piercing, topped off with a nike cap, or spiked up hair.

Fights in burton

Happen almost every hour.
The reasons for fights are almost hard to believe:

  • C***s being drunk and walking past you, and supposedly hearing something that you have said, even though you made sure you stood completely still with your lips tightly shut and held your breath, hoping they wouldn’t turn around and smack you in the face.
  • You actually sticking up for yourself.
  • Shouting out proper insults that make sense, rather than the lame ‘your mums a ****’ ones.
  • Dressing differently, and being in a large gang of friends that all dress like you.
  • Talking to a c***s best friend’s boyfriend.
  • Or the most often used question by a c**v ‘ what the **** are you looking at?’ And the victim replying in such a nervous way ‘nothing’ but still knowing they are going to get it.

Burton Girls

Are the worst EVER! Once they start a fight or an argument they won’t finish it till you can’t get up. Fighting back is certainly not a good idea, just pretending that it hurts more than it does and letting them lay s**t into you. Gets you out of the situation quicker. You maybe surprised at the amount of fights in Burton, but adults will not get involved if they are present at a fight, they will just let it happen or walk past and pretend they haven’t noticed. W*****s!

Basically Burton is a s**t hole

If anyone is going to say that any other estate in Kettering is worse you should really take a walk around Burton before hand.

Unless you’re going to say Corby…
But that’s a completely different story altogether don’t you think?