Living in Bracknell, Berkshire
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Bracknell, where do I start? In Priestwood and Bullbrook they took the worst tenants from the three surrounding counties and dumped them on these two estates. In short you don’t need to watch TV crime drama’s as anyone who isn’t a chav will tell you, just look outside your window. Fight, shoplifting, drug dealing cars being driven into houses… expect the unexpected. Great Hollands which is twinned with Beirut is next, here the chavs start young as the children will give you a colourful display of foul language, attack adults and generally start their life of crime. Here even the men walk in groups and after dark it’s a no go area, in short don’t enter this estate without a platoon . There are good areas within Bracknell but we have seen a chav infestation there too, the evidence can be found at every estate shopping precinct. Harmans Water was once the premier estate in Bracknell has now been turned into the toilet of the town. The town centre itself has turned into a ghost town with businesses fleeing and lets not forget the bus service which ferries the chavs around but even that has turned into a joke because where it takes you, only the bus driver knows.

Bracknell is known for three things-
1. Teen pregnancies, an urban myths exists within this town that it a teenage girl gets pregnant that she’ll magically get a flat. I grew up in this town, I have heard girls and young women talk about this myth many times.
2. Crime. Chavs will nick anything that isn’t nailed down often in front of security or the local constabulary and then wonder why they get caught.
3. A town regeneration that has become a laughing stock as first a new supermarket was built before the old office block next door was demolished by mistake. Then they knocked down half of the town centre and leave it vacant for a year before they started building then decided to demolish the other half before changing their mind again

The infamy of Bracknell is so widespread that no one from the surrounding areas wants to move here. Other towns try to stop people from Bracknell moving there such is the state of our chav infestation. Even local employers avoid employing the people from Bracknell and those that are employed most likely act as if they have a chip on their shoulder. This has resulted in another effect, the non chavs who wish to flee this town are stuck.

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