Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Berkshire, United Kingdom

Maidenhead’s train station sign should say “Abandon all hope here”. The place has been shafted by its Tory council for years, and now is a ghost town of 99p shops, coffee outlets and sod all else. It’s meant to be part of the “Royal borough” down to it being linked to Windsor, but all this link does is allow a bunch of slum landlords to charge rents for houses that are dumps- trust me, I’ve seen better appointed sheds.
The whole area has a smell of desperation about it. The teens all think they are rude boys but if you sent a bunch of them to London they’d be crying for their Mummy within 5 minutes. Uggs with arse shorts for girls and bad blonde dye jobs are standard, as are skinny jeans for boys- how anyone knows who is gay and who is straight to hook up with is anyone’s guess.
So, if you like a town that sucks the life out of people and drink lots of coffee, then come on down!

  • Jenny Harris

    Sad because it was an ok place at one time but there is no overall plan for new builds and certainly no appetite to preserve any interesting historical sites. There once was a lovely guildhall which was demolished and in its place they built the most disgusting high rise office block in the middle of the town. At the moment this travesty is being ‘transformed’ into apartments. I think Maidenhead town is lost forever sadly but there are some nice areas round and about.

  • mickie

    Still a vast improvement on Slough though

  • anonymous

    Got to agree with this! Lived here my whole life! It does suck the life out of u! Everyone has a chip on their shoulder too. Its filled with gossiping, hypocritical morons. I often wonder if it’s something in the water that causes the low IQ of the majority of people that live here. It’s chavs galore! There is a healthy population of junkies that loiter around the town centre, shoplifting. But even the worst estate (in my opinion it’s Evenlode) isn’t a dangerous place to be after dark. Although I wouldn’t go anywhere alone late at night just in case! There is the occasional sex offence committed, a flasher pops up every now and then, burglaries are common in the better areas, and there are many nice big houses. The towns surrounded by greenery. Fields, woods etc fairly healthy wildlife populations. Shopping is s**t here, but Wycombe, Slough and Reading aren’t far. Good schools (Newlands girls, good reputation, s**t school.) Been looking into moving for the past 15 years! Just don’t know where to go!!