Salisbury – well there’s two types of people

I have lived in Salisbury my whole life – unfortunately. If you’re looking for somewhere to make your life seem longer, then this is the place for you. The days drag on at such an unbearable rate in this dull boring little ‘city’, I already feel twice my age.

You will get some people who are die-hard salisbrarians, (these people are usually found down the local spoons from 10am to 12am.) These people are the ones who obviously got dropped as babies and usually start fights and get arrested, while the rest of the busy-bodies gather round gawping. You try to avoid these individuals but you do get them coming and sitting with you randomly from time to time.

Then, you have the posh side. These people like to think of Salisbury as a rich-only place and just seem to block out the rest of the ******* around them. They’re often seen wondering through the market stalls seeing the best of everything, bag opened with purse ******* out. (This benefits the other side of Salisbury looking for a quick money maker.) These people are quite ditzy but harmless and mostly keep themselves to themselves.

Unfortunately as well as this, Salisbury has nothing. Just charity shops, hair dressers and cafes. No where for young people to spend time and if you want to go out, your only option is to go for lunch. So, if you are someone that enjoys doing nothing in there spare time except wollowing in there own unhappy existence, Salisbury is the place for you.

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