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Rickmansworth. The place I like too call home. Unfortunately, a population of chavs also call it home. These unattractive people have become more apparent in recent years, though I have no idea why. In this article, I will do my best too describe the Ricmansworth/Mill End chavs.

Rickmansworth High Street

Many chavs love too cruise through here in there ridiculous Corsa’s, blasting out their favourite Drum and Bass track, with a complete disregard for public safety. They never seem too actually stop in the high street, probably due too the fact there is a Public Library and WHS Smith along it. (‘For dem posh people wotread books n s**t innit’)
Unfortunately, the only access too the high street (for me) is through a rather dark underpass, where chavs love too stand around, and shout at any passing male civilian with their hair reaching down too their eyebrows.


AKA The Park. In the day, a harmless place full of laughter and joy. However, stay past 5pm, and you’ll notice that chavs begin too enter the park. By 7pm, the place is full of chavs. Their female counterparts hanf around with them. The girls mostly text each other, or talk about how ‘buff’ the chav leader is.

The Shops

Go down too the shops on the border of Mill End and Rickmansworth at anytime of the day, and theres an extremely good chance you’ll spot a chav. While recently walking by the shops with a friend of mine, a chav (driving a girl that looked more like a rat then most rats) pulled up beside us in a red Corsa, and proceded too let of a series of burps. He seemed too find this most hilarious, as did his vermin-like friend. There used too be a pub near here, where chavs would go too get totally drunk and arrested, but thankfully it burnt down.

The Mill End crew

One of the most ‘feared’ gangs around here is the Mill End crew. Their greatest feats include graffiting a burnt car, threatening various passer-bys and generally vandalizing places for fun. However, if they feel someone is ‘disrespecting’ them, they’ll beat them up, usually in a five-on-one attack.

The Buses

Catch any bus into Mill End or Rickmansworth, and you’ll almost definately see a chav on there. They usually inhabit the backseat. Mostly they’ll just shout and make a lot of noise. However, sometimes (usually after a night of drinking) they’ll turn violent, and end up attacking some helpless passer-by. If you happen too be the attacked one, don’t rely on anyone for help. Just keep quiet and wait until it’s over. If you want too sneak a peek at the chavs on the backseat, BE CAREFUL. If they catch you looking, they’ll most probably shout ‘What you looking at?’ usually followed by a bunch of swears and cusses, most of which will be based around ‘your mum’.

That concludes my chav tour of Rickmansworth and Mill End. For your sake, I hope you never end up here. If you do, one tip: bring ear plugs. Anyway, too quote Gerard Way, so long and goodnight.

  • doc

    The snobby ass who wrote the article denigrating the pleasant and generally down to earth community in Mill End should learn correct usage of the written English language before he attempts to put other people down. The word ‘too’ is synonymous with ‘also’ and ‘extremely’. Along with other replies,I too believe him to be a twit and am sure I would find him far too annoying to talk with. He presumably was too busy sniping at other pupils and being too full of himself at school to have learned this. Other comments colourful spellings are stylised and colloquial.I have lived in Mill End several years bringing up children and it is a safe and peaceful place. Proud to live here. Do I sound like a ‘chav’ you pompous,(nameless!)and pretentious snob?

  • heart broken

    I lived in Mill End from the age of 7 and attended Shephards Lane, I meet a lad there called CHRIS YOUNG who i still no now, CHRISSYtheres something i need to tell you… i love you, wish i could see your face as you read this. mwahhh x x

  • DMR manz

    I go to all these places pretty much every weekend and i rarely see chavs who would be of any harm to anyone, its a nice place to live just be grateful you dont live somewhere that is actually a bad place.

  • I’d rather not get beaten up.

    It’s so annoying living in Mill End and not being one of thickys, because you automatically get regarded one when people find out where you live….

  • scooby

    Mill End …………what a pants place…………rude girl what a peasant…………..most of the decent folk don’t come out because the thick losers are out and about ……………the men just grunt……….the women hefers……….pregnant by 14 ………….stupid thickos going on about ” come and say it to my face.”…………………peasants…………………why would i come to your face and say get a job or education ………….you smell and your clothes and breath stink …………….hahaha…………..wallies………….

  • I’d rather not get beaten up.

    I’m 15/16 and live in Mill End. I know a lot of the local’s faces, and a lot of the ‘M.E.C’ (the older + the newer ones).
    And you have no idea how much I laughed when reading the comments for this post, especially when I realised that I knew one of the commenters called ‘Annie Marie’.
    She’s actually 12, and when she wrote that post, was probably 11 ;)

    *sigh* It just shows the future of Mill End.

    All the comments have done is proven everything said about the place. I would never dreeeeam of saying this to anyone’s face. Despite the fact I’m female, I’d still get a smacking.

    There are nice people living in Mill End, you just don’t see them out and about.

  • Matty

    have you lot noticed how ironic your comments are? they’re just showing the world that everything he wrote is exactly spot on. idiots. you guys need to learn how to spell properly and stop adding extra letters for words to make them ‘look bettaaaa’
    oh and have you thought that maybe he doesn’t say it to your faces because you would beat him up? twats.

  • annie marie

    I Knoww Wattseyy,Yu Noo Myy Dadd Initt,,,Hamiddd….NEWAY ALL THE PPL DAT ARE SAYIN s**t BOUT MILL END WONT COME UP TOO MY FACE ND SAY IT! Im goood mates wid most off the oldaa M.E.C initt likee glenn nd ppllz x x x ly all

  • annie marie

    i live in mill end and im mates wid all of the mill end crew nd dey all no my dont mean im a chav coz i hang round wid demm…nd dey dont all go to the aquadrome theY go to feild wid da skate park nd sh*tt wich is like my 2nd home..SO BE QUIET BOUT MILL END… >:@

  • digaboo

    mill end is a dead end road to no where get a life and act your age. you bunch of foul mouthed losers. get a job and help within the community grow up the lot of you …….

  • morriiss

    big up mill end bruvvvaa f**k the haters

  • digaboo

    im from dead end mill end, what do you expect any over populated area of sorts to be like anywhere in britain, the same where ever you go, their all smacked out their head, cheers soft dimwits of the past, mill end, what mill, lady walk wood, she must of got that bored that she chopped off her head and cursed with still walking to the shops, hanging outside and getting p*ssed, what would you expect, older crew dimwhat.

  • http://facebook rudegirlx

    i live in maple cross ur such a fukin twat. how bout u cum down ere and fukin say it to our face. or r u 2 much of a fukin pusssssssssssssssssy!

    • G2FFAR

      Maple Cross is an even bigger sh*thole than Mill End, populated by inbreds and people with a sub-70 IQ

  • kuro-neko

    I live in Maple Cross just down the road from Mill End and I have always found the chavs to be worse in Mill End, Maple Cross has its own chav problem but they seem to leave me alone because they know who I am.

    And as for why we don’t tell these chavs how we really feel it’s because we like our faces in good condition rather then have 20 inbred chavs try to “shank” us.

  • applejac1

    i would also like to add there are more christian than chavs, its just a shame u did not get a wider picture, your article and the impression you have given are clearly a peice of your opinion. and its a shame when i typed in mill end your article came up, hope someone can upgrade and write the positive on mill end

  • applejac1

    i would just like to add that a handfull of people have been judge, all youngsters how narrow minded, if i came to your village / town the same would be found there

  • millend_girlie

    big up all the older millend lot mwah love ya!!! we stick 2gether n datz wot u lot r scared of coz we better that u will eva be!!!

  • rolfybaby

    Inbred knob

  • wattsy2k5

    f**k off m8 ur boring!!

  • wattsy2k5

    yes i live in mill end too yes yes yes i have a stick shuved up my arse yes!! lol ur all mugs!! shame none of u come up to us chavs and say this to our faces you have to do it on a webpage LMAO!!


    • The Truth

      While the author of this article does sound like a whiney little posh sap; I do agree with him/her regarding the chav aspect.

      Mill End is full of retarded inbred sponging trash – people who say otherwise are middle class upstarts, new to the area, who experience the place for a couple of hours a day whilst not at work.

      Hang around here for a while during the day, or just pop in to the Whip & Collar for a pint and you’ll soon realise that a large percentage of Mill End residents should have been sterilised at birth.