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Rickmansworth. The place I like too call home. Unfortunately, a population of chavs also call it home. These unattractive people have become more apparent in recent years, though I have no idea why. In this article, I will do my best too describe the Ricmansworth/Mill End chavs.

Rickmansworth High Street

Many chavs love too cruise through here in there ridiculous Corsa’s, blasting out their favourite Drum and Bass track, with a complete disregard for public safety. They never seem too actually stop in the high street, probably due too the fact there is a Public Library and WHS Smith along it. (‘For dem posh people wotread books n s**t innit’)
Unfortunately, the only access too the high street (for me) is through a rather dark underpass, where chavs love too stand around, and shout at any passing male civilian with their hair reaching down too their eyebrows.


AKA The Park. In the day, a harmless place full of laughter and joy. However, stay past 5pm, and you’ll notice that chavs begin too enter the park. By 7pm, the place is full of chavs. Their female counterparts hanf around with them. The girls mostly text each other, or talk about how ‘buff’ the chav leader is.

The Shops

Go down too the shops on the border of Mill End and Rickmansworth at anytime of the day, and theres an extremely good chance you’ll spot a chav. While recently walking by the shops with a friend of mine, a chav (driving a girl that looked more like a rat then most rats) pulled up beside us in a red Corsa, and proceded too let of a series of burps. He seemed too find this most hilarious, as did his vermin-like friend. There used too be a pub near here, where chavs would go too get totally drunk and arrested, but thankfully it burnt down.

The Mill End crew

One of the most ‘feared’ gangs around here is the Mill End crew. Their greatest feats include graffiting a burnt car, threatening various passer-bys and generally vandalizing places for fun. However, if they feel someone is ‘disrespecting’ them, they’ll beat them up, usually in a five-on-one attack.

The Buses

Catch any bus into Mill End or Rickmansworth, and you’ll almost definately see a chav on there. They usually inhabit the backseat. Mostly they’ll just shout and make a lot of noise. However, sometimes (usually after a night of drinking) they’ll turn violent, and end up attacking some helpless passer-by. If you happen too be the attacked one, don’t rely on anyone for help. Just keep quiet and wait until it’s over. If you want too sneak a peek at the chavs on the backseat, BE CAREFUL. If they catch you looking, they’ll most probably shout ‘What you looking at?’ usually followed by a bunch of swears and cusses, most of which will be based around ‘your mum’.

That concludes my chav tour of Rickmansworth and Mill End. For your sake, I hope you never end up here. If you do, one tip: bring ear plugs. Anyway, too quote Gerard Way, so long and goodnight.

  • Annoymous Wilx

    This point would of come across alot better had it not been riddled with spelling mistakes especially with the continued usage of the word “too” whilst this may not deter the average “chav” it’s not makes yourself look like a moron having a go at other people when you cant even make a valid cohesive well written argument against them, try again C- for effort.

  • Adam Hancock

    Wow… Anyone would think this guy is describing some place in the middle of london filled with every degenerate from surrounding areas… Anyway… Agreed the people in the comments arn’t doing themselves any favours… But this REALLY is not an accurate description of anywhere even remotely close to ricky/mill end, to say the LEAST, if you go to the highstreet theres a 90% chance you’ll see someone over the age of 50… Anyone younger is most likely the person you arrived with…
    (Translation- its dead)

    Dont judge a place you havent been to,
    The person/people that wrote this are full of s**t,
    Dont talk like a c**t… We were all taught spelling for a reason :)

    Peace out!!

  • simply the best

    Just stating that Rickmansworth is a nice area well used to be until a fee years back when people from surrounding areas abused and think they ‘run the place’ it’s annoying getting woken up in the early hours of the morning with chavs that can’t handle there drink, decide to throw up or start keying or mouthing off to each other outside your house. As lived in Rickmansworth all my life, being categorised into that word chav because they don’t have anything else better to do! Than cause mayhem for everyone else

  • :)

    Whoever did write this pathetic attempt to make rickmansworth and mill end seem like a third world shanty town should also state that the so called chavs and they are a minority probably do not even come from mill end but seem to congregate here for reasons unknown,I have been born and raised in Mill end and I truly believe that there are a million places where the threat of violence and crime in general are far greater!! Oh and if you are one of these people who don’t like young people then move to margate,but please remember you were young once!