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Grey, grim, industrial Thames Estuary wasteland, neighbouring Lakeside, which shines in the distance like a chav Oz would to the chav Dorothy, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion. In Burberry.

Grays is a riverside hellhole, rows of pebbledashed terraces stuck under the Dartford Bridge, and flanked by Tilbury docks to the east. Grays does, in fact, look down on Tilbury to make itself feel better, but the chav count and the sheer number of people lolling around Grays market aimlessly means you can put a cigarette paper between them in all honesty.

All cars (must be some kind of DVLA byelaw) have West Ham stickers in the rear window, and the closest a Grays dweller will ever get to one of the world’s greatest and most exciting cities is the 20 minute trip to Upton Park every other Saturday, to wallow in their East End roots whilst ensuring they get the f- out before it gets dark.

Back in Grays they may well stop off for a pint in probably the least salubrious licenced premises in Britain, The Pullman, before walking home running the gauntlet of flying KFC bones and fat girls pulling at each others hair in frenzied attacks over malnourished boys.

I love it.

  • Oioioi

    Skampy bastards with nothing better to do than hang outside kfc smoking king Ells feeling looking like princesss tryin to ponce a mini fillet and a two piece meal off Fred then it’s straight to the hostel where these grays weed vultures try to roll there next cannabis fix in a local youth skamps room for “wind protection” and “a phat cotch” as Ginger bill the local grays scamp would say followed by a phat munch back at mumsies house where she serves her children a healthy 2 minute microwave lasagne two days out of date to feed 3 Ginger asbo preteen meow meow heads with a sip of asda cherryade to wash it down however education in grays is necessary and well provided with a college near the station for the little sh*ts to practise bricklaying or knockin down some other c**ts wall alternatively throwing cement around followed by lunch AT kfc or “ottomans ” washed down with a king l weed joint and a crafty twos on a fag to prepare you for a hard afternoons theory “graffing” with means graffiting in grays on ur test paper and at the end of the day the grays neighbours tilbury chavvies catch the free one stop c2c back when asked “can I see your ticket please” they simply reply bollocks I’m jumpin the gate w**ker

  • Danchickk

    yeah there are alot of chavs in grays, same as there are everywhere else, but there are alot of nice people there too….. you cant tar everyone with the same brush!

  • Ramalamadingdong

    After spending 3 years at a university in Kent, each time I return to Grays my heart sinks some more. I tell people who ask about my hometown that it is the sort of place where if you have more than £20 on your person, you should hide it in your sock. Children of secondary school age roam the streets at night looking for violent encounters, because their parents don’t want to waste precious Special Brew drinking time by raising them. It’s sickening to constantly see an increase in the amount of stabbings and violence in each edition of the Thurrock Gazette. There was a bomb scare in the town centre recently, I must say, I would not bat an eye lid should much of Grays be destroyed.

    It’s fine for Parliament to rant on about diversity and social equality, but for all their do-gooder ideals and politicial correctness, they merely need to get off a train at Grays Station and walk through the town at around 10pm to truly see how wonderful their policies are.

  • old man of grays

    I just weep for what was once, but has gone.
    I have never seen so many useless, worthless, wasters, ponces off the state, excuses for females ? the disappearence of bright young worthwhile teenagers, to be replaced by the biggest bunch of no nothing whinging useless drop outs in my llife. and all in such a small area, but everybody must remember this Government wants diversity.

    Diversity, Diversity, I know where the rough end of a pineapple can be put to good use.

  • underslunky

    Ill fly the plane you drop the bombs!!

  • chav-a-phobic

    The exclusive jewellery boutique you mention above is “Falcos” and the range of quality items they have on display is breath taking! I have never seen so many different size clowns, boxing gloves and bull dogs in one place.

    Please do not get me started on the belcher chains and hub-cap sized earings…..


  • steveo

    What a craphole!!
    The Chav social underclass is alive and well and lives here, scruffy burberry draped Alpha male toerags shouting and squawking to their big earringed overweight pot bellied Chavettes..this is it for them, theres no future and no hope either. They would be just as well launching themselves into the river and reducing the burden on the state.
    Snotty nosed pikey shoplifters hang around that monument to all that is horribly wrong with jewellery, the shop in the precinct, I dont know its name but it sports amongst other tripe big chunky(real gold you know!!) chains and humungous earrings that the abjectly poverty stricken dole wasting f**kwits and their grubby unwashed sprogs bill and coo over…dream on you tossers…if I had my way I would build a great big wall around the place and then carpet bomb the place until not a shred of the worthless w**kers and their ilk remained.

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Its the chav mecca but in grays we have the upmarket chavs the burburry is making way for von dutch hats these idots couldnt afford real burburry and now they try to make out they could afford designer lables even if they sold there escort with diffrent colour bumpers and ill fitting wheels which they nicked and there chav sisters,they aint fooling any one.Burburry and extreamly white tainners are standard issue at the dole office,they are mainly found out side newsagents in groups of 4-7 trying to get any one going in the shop to buy them some fags with the handful of coppers they can muster.