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Clacton is full of chavs. Everywhere you look is a chav. I can’t stand
it anylonger, everywhere I go I am tourmented by them (by the way i am
not an old granny complaning, im 29). Personally, I think that someone
should clean those chavs up and stop them from getting up to mischieve,
I mean Clacton is a lovely sunny seaside town but chavs just ruin it!!!

thankyou very much

  • cat_bones

    I did a course in Clacton a few years ago and the thing I most remember about the place is the hordes of chavs on sh*tty little scooters riding around in a pack of about 50, with their screechy, crappy little hair-dryer engines cutting through the air like a Banshee wail.

    It should be against the law for anyone riding a sh*tty little 50cc chicken chaser to wear a helmet.  That in itself, would cull a whole sh*tload of the ugly little f**kers.

  • Nixinox
    I live right round the damned corner from town O_O

    Lucky I go to college near Colchester hm?

    Clacton is a town of the worst scallywags. I hate it.

  • paulkersey

    Yes, I agree, although the article was short, snappy and straight to the point it did not contain any amusing anecdotes or examples of Chavs behaving like chimps in a zoo, it does not warrant a 5 star rating.

  • knikkerbokker

    Which Numpty rated this a five? By the way, in modern-day Britain, at 29, you are plenty old enough to be an "old granny"!