Living in Yeovil, Somerset
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Somerset, South West, United Kingdom

Right then, where to begin. By being neatly situated in the arse end of nowhere so we get the scum from the outlying villages rolling in (Stoke, Martock, Tintinhull, im looking at you all) and by being a town where all there is to do is grow old and by cheap cider, its  a perfect place for scum to flourish.

It’s hard to put your finger on exactly whats wrong with Yeovil, but it’s fair to say its all gone to s**t, just glancing at the local papers “Man beaten with own crutch”, “11 year old glassed in the face,” it just makes you morbidly depressed when you open the curtains and realise you still live in Yeovil. Ive been called a filthy c*nt and had eggs thrown at me just for trying to walk past a group of them, weird thing is that no-one is surprised by it any more. I found three of them near paralytic at the bus station just after midday, it’s a classy place, but this has been an issue for so long that its just accepted as “the yeovil way”.

It’s a problem that doesn’t look like being solved anytime soon either, over christmas there was a police drive to stop large gangs of them forming over the St Johns side of town, and all things considered it was a resounding success, but the drive was stopped midway through January, and now i’m “proud” to say that the problems back. It’s not as if there are problems relatively confined to one place, it seems to be all over the town, Westfield, Abbey Manor, College Green, Goldcroft, West Hendford, Chelston Avenue, Southville, Hendford, Cavalier Way not forgetting to mention all of the town centre (notably the beach) and every single park and patch of green in this god forsaken hell hole. Quite a reasonable plan is to wait for Sportsworld to reach its busiest, lock the doors, let them fight it out then call it natural selection.

The Yeovil gene pool needs a little chlorine.

  • Joan Hammond

    Yeovil has social problems – I agree but what part of England hasn’t? There are parts of London where if you’re white, you’re likely to be raped, mugged or killed just for being there, and parts of Southampton which, 25 years ago were lovely places to live and settle down but no longer. Even my own area, Manor Park has more warts than not, but it has excellent transport links and wide green spaces within walking distances, but it still has people leaving it! Some areas will always be better than others, so be patient and watch out for the changes.

  • Yeovil Fan Club

    I’ve been out all day now..chav spotting! I’ve been to all of the places in Yeovil that this silly author speaks of yet i cannot find one! I’ve stopped and spoken to people and asked them to confirm what one looks like in order that i may correctly identify one but alas, still none in sight! It is only 3pm so maybe they don’t come out in daylight. I’ll keep you all posted if i spot one! I’m on a mission to find one now haha 🙂 To further his vicious comment “11 year old glassed in the face” The papers didn’t say that at all! The 11 year old in question sustained a 1″ scratch on his nose after he got caught in the cross fire after someone had thrown a glass…at someone else! The glass was neither thrust into his or anybody else’s face nor was the injury even intended for him! To “glass” someone in the face infers that a broken glass is maliciously thrust into someone’s face causing untold damage! This man is very bitter and twisted and quite possibly, the young people were correct in calling him what they did! What a load of cods wallop!! How dare he fabricate such preposterous hogwash about our town!

  • hajfhbufhbfdghvfygd

    just shut up about yeovil i thonk that all the diffent places are bad not yeovil

  • disqus_dKTEiNBImD

    having lived in bristol i have to disagree. the above passage is reminiscent of nearly every town out there and why yeovil has been singled out for this very opinionated feature i have no idea… i can not think of a drug free hoody free town anywhere in the uk. there might be the odd bit of trouble, nothing like other nearby places where gangs of 30+ youths considder if ‘fun’ to overturn the riot vans that come to disperce them. been in yeovil 8 years, kept a low profile, and all is GOOD!.

  • bob butler

    Shouldn’t that be “buy cheap cider”. Sigh – People in Glass houses etc etc etc



  • yeovil lover

    i agree yeovil can be rough at times, mainly because of the poles/polish but its mainly lovely town to live in i know lots of lovey people and i would never move.

  • lucy

    live in Yeovil now and it might not be the best place to live in but its good enough for me. I have lived in Yeovil for all my life and it’s better then other places that I seen. I am 13 at the moment


    I totally agree that Yeovil is full of idiots. I have lived here for almost 10 years and i am 26. Too many people here think they are “hard” and like to make peoples lives difficult for the shear fun of it. If you don’t hang around with the silly tarts that go to spoons every weekend then they cause trouble for you. I for one am moving out of this hell hole as soon as i can….. word of advise…DO NOT MOVE TO YEOVIL, IT IS FULL OF BACKSTABBING TWO FACED ARSEHOLES…

    • chloe

      i totally agree but i love yeovil and i would neva move i l ove the atmnosophere and the good people outway the bad!

  • Mao

    Yeovil Town, what a nice big drop of stool that place is. I grew up there, when I finished College I moved to London for University. I have stayed here ever since. That is a common story. Everyone I know has fled to Bournemouth, Exeter, Southampton, Bath, Bristol. London and even Wales, not all for University either. The remaining people in my age group, seem very unhappy indeed. The most common reaction from people in Yeovil is that the town is “crap mate”. But it should not be this way! This isn’t bloody Pyongyang! It is a medium sized town in the country side! Quiet, a great place for families, a football team.. , great College, great parks and facilities and a low population.. Brilliant! I ask the people of Yeovil to please stand up, write to your local MP, I think it is David Laws and say that we are FED UP. Get it signed by as many people as you can who think there should be a change in the way anti social behaviour is governed and local opportunities for workers. There is scum everywhere, and believe me London has its fair share, but Yeovil seems to have a – how shall we say – large scale minority of idiots and the adults seem to act in the same way? (not all!) So it is no longer shameful to be a complete scum bag for children because grownups do it too! And this is because Yeovil is sooo excluded, it is in the middle of nowhere so no one really feels ashamed of walking around with their arse out and being racist, even if you have long hair, people in Yeovil will hate you. These people have given up basically. And they get away with attacking people and causing trouble all the time. Yeovil, please do something about your town because “Yeovilians” are not the only problem. There are no opportunities apart from Westland’s and Yeovilton. No thanks. Therefore, if you are working class or don’t go to Uni etc. What the hell do you do there? Well, you evidently acquire a mundane crack habit and cider drinking dog or become a Goth. STAY CLASSY YEOVIL!

  • Rory

    i cant believe the writer of this allowed children (or chavs as the coward calls them) to throw eggs at him and do nothing. you wonder what makes them do this, you wonder why they think this is acceptable, you wonder why this happens to you. BECAUSE YOU ALLOW IT!! your a coward and should of done something about this, not run home crying because some children made you scared and write about it. i am sure that this helped them learn and will help generations to come understand right from wrong. it is people like you that ruin this country, full grown adults that are scared of there own shadow and unable to stand up for themselves, if it wasnt for people like you these children would learn right from wrong very swiftly. so either do something about it and stop complaining or run like the b*tch you seem to be with your tail between your legs. yeovil is not a bad town and believe me i have been to worse. so if you plan on taking the running choice i would suggest that you think hard about where you run as you will struggle to find somewhere better.

    • TheRealYeovilEggCrew

      What the f*ck are you talking about retard? He might be old, sick, infirm or have some sort of aversion to violence or confrontation. Coward indeed, why the hell should anyone have to deal with being egged or made to feel scared in the first place? FYI I’m not slamming Yeovil or saying I agree or disagree that the town has issue, what I am saying here is that you Rory are a twat.

    • Louise Joanne Davies

      Oh no, no, no. You are never allowed to so much as shout at children, without risking being subject to a police investigation. And if you report the incident to the police the best they can do is to issue you with a crime number. I know from past experience (I lived on a council estate in the early 90’s). If you are a victim of juvenile or child crime you will not be taken seriously, the police will not take your concerns any further than your initial phone call.

  • what?

    Ha this is funny cuz you are all talking like yeovils rough well let me tell you its not rough its a quite place to live I’m from Birmingham and have lived in many areas of brum and yeovil is a nice place to live you should all be gratefull that you live in a place like it cuz lets face if you need a pint of milk you can just go to shops without having to big up n fight of c**ts that will rob ya its like living in a retirement home ha lol its rough jokers

  • newforeighner

    What are the safe places to live in yeovil? I have to move there ? Need advice

    • lucy

      Yeovil is a very safe place there are hardly any robberies

  • Chiron Perseus Theseus

    Well, I was born in Shepton Mallet and moved many times as a child, to my dismay! But I moved to Goldcroft when I was but 16 got work and though I stayed to myself I had no issues, the most that would wake me up at night was the noise of high heeled girls walking past to and from the clubs. I lived there 3 years no issues, moved to Bournemouth another 3 years…. Eventually I just moved back here, overall about a total of 9 years, maybe a little more! I have seen the highs and lows, I even fell victim to benefits due to loosing my job to poor money handling management! Oh joys! So living in the rough areas, the cheap places I got to see the inside of the real issue “a tad”, now I’ve always been a rather reclusive being, keep myself to myself, head down, dreams high sort of thing! The trouble is with the cheap areas the parenting is practically non-existent, everyone is too proud and ignorant of their teachings to their own kids (i.e, I’ll beat the hell out of you if you don’t do exactly as I say, in other words puppet masters!), only difference to regular society is that “chavs” seem to be very proud and happy to do it in public to the world where as regular society hides behind a secret curtain to do it! There is violence everywhere, I see it daily, try to do what I can, and I do feel like one being vs the world at times but I know I am not alone and situations I have witnessed and intervened in have spurred others to join in the defense. Basically it takes a “hero” to create more “heroes”, we all just hide too much from reality, kids are mostly beaten or mollycoddled rather than taught, trained, coached or educated, anger begets anger etc, so kids grow to what they know: hatred and violence. We are only human, no-one gets through life alone, drop the pride and stubbornidity, no-one knows everything, when you have a baby you don’t know whats best for the baby, no beam of light shines down gifting you the knowledge of the world. Everything needs effort and time, and that will never be achieved via threats or shame. “Do and others will follow”, “lead by example”. And any area can become a personal piece of heaven! Being “good” is harder than being bad sure, but thats the point, you make the effort and you get to know what real pride is, you become appreciated by others trying to make the effort, its a support group, a real family thing! Only this family isn’t blood related, its a “who you love and who loves you” family. Anything is possible, you just have to choose what you want it to be…

  • Ghost_Writer

    im sorry i have to disagree with the main persons rubbish points ive lived in yeovil all my life have always got on with everybody have never been threatened i will happily admit it has bad points but these cant be pointed at certain areas as these “chavs” as you all call them move around and never situate themselves in any peticluar spot maybe there are isolated incedences but this doesnt mean we are all bad im 27 and have never heard the word “SHANK” either and im pretty well known amd know alot of people all in all its not a bad place to live it could be better but where exactly is Paradise where there are no groups no one making trouble and zero crime rate i’d say take ure head out ure ass’es and just live with what we got !!!! if you dont like a place just dont come here dont hide behind a computer screen and slander everyone in this town !!!!

    • Scoffer

      I love Yeovil to,by heck I do shes the best shag Ive had in years,takes it up the arse and everything………….dont tell her I said that thow will ya?

  • Piggy

    I dont know what everyones problem is. I love Yeovil. When i was younger i used to get sh*t from “The Yeovilites” as i call them, but now i just look at them as a deterrant to the sordid stuff i could be getting up to. I mean if there was ever an advert for looking after yourself, it would show a picture of the Borough on a saturday night and simply read “Dont be like this”.

    I for one think Yeovil is a rather educational place.

  • WTF

    It could be worse (see Chard). There are postitive aspects to Yeovil. Its green and faily well kept in parts. But unfortunately half the people living in it are inbred, ignorant trash who think a Foreigner is someone from Taunton. Parts of central Yeovil and the housing estates should all be burnt to the ground and rebuilt in the local stone as was the case before the f**king twatty town planners in the 1950s -70s decided concrete blocks and featureless boxes would compliment the architecture. Dumb c**ts.

    Its saving grace is that within a few miles in any direction civilisation is restored and you begin to wonder whether all the cheap slags, tattood pasty faced skin heads and dumb moronic drug-addled jobless wasters were all a dream. Sadly not.

    Oh, and reading Heat and Nuts mags in Burger king does NOT make you an intellectual you insular twats.

  • Lance

    I was born in YDH and have now lived in yeovil for 26 years. Yes yeovil is a sh*thole but its not all as bad as the editor at the top put. Every town, city or village in the world has its problems and ours is chavs. Ive always found the best way to keep them at bay is to knock out the biggest one and the rest run like the little bitches they are. I dont impose violence but if im driven to it then they can reap what they sow. It could be worse ppl, we could be swamped by gangs of the likes of some of the london and manchester estates and just get stabbed for owning a phone.

  • Abercrombie_Coker

    being only 14 years old i do agree yeovil is sh*t hole. i live in east coker wich fortuantley escapes most of the chavyness but whenver i have to venture into yeovil i go with as many friends as i cause’ you do not know whats round the corner, in my life time i have been threatened and also been told to “look round the corner cause they’ll “Shank” me” its feckin awful.

  • newbury_mum

    I used to live in Yeovil ( well briefly – w ent to yeovil college and lived in “the Avenue”) it was actually quite peaceful although at the time it had the highest crime rate in the whole of the UK, but fortunately I was an old lady ( bikers girlfreind not old crone) and the Bikers there pretty much kept the chavs at bay.

    I had the misfortune of going back a couple fo years ago – to visit freinds in east coker and to show my husband st johns churchyards where I used to go to have my lunch and a pint when at college and the Pall ( my old pub) and was shocked to see how bad it had gotten.
    Some snot nosed chav ( with his mates) thought it would be very brave of him to stagger up to my hubby in st johns and give verbal abuse whilst his shell suited fellows and slags of tart girlies giggled in the background. Now bear in mind my hubby is 6ft4, weight 19 stone and is a power-lifter by hobby ( like weight lifting but much much heavier) this could only be seen as suicidal. My hubby, is however, like many large, strong men, a big softy and was not bothered by them and we just walked on.
    It was sad to see the place become that bad.