Living in Wishaw, Scotland
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What an absolute s**t hole this place is!! I had the upmost misfortune to grow up in this Ned/drug dealing/inbreed/benefit seeking little s******e.. Apart from its hospital, Wishaw has not seen much new development in the last few years, although thank f**k there is a hospital so close to the neighbouring sess pits of craigneuk, wishaw hill,pather and netherton /muirhouse.. As the amount of stabbings, drug overdoses , teenage pregnancies keeps the hospital very busy.

The high street is a dump, there are junkies in every alley throughout the pish stinking place and the uneasy feeling of walking through the place when the sun goes down is very well known as the amount of absolute tits come out to play after probably waking up from there drug induced comas. If you cannot adequately defend yourself do not think of going on a night out here, it is full of little vermin or some tanned steroid pumped reprobate whose idea of being a hard man, is to drink the little insecure homo boy inside his head quiet and then viciously attack the most respectable looking person there.

All in all whoever reads this, if you live here and feel the grass is greener somewhere else you’re spot on, if I could I would build a wall round it to stop the plague that is these people, spreading there infection!! And there are nice people here just not many!

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