Living in Abertillery, Wales

Abertillery: Welcome to The Valleys… of Hell!

A warning, don't come to Abertillery unless your ambition is to live in a complete slum!

Living in the South Wales Valleys

The Welsh Valleys: Where sheep and man are equal

I think as a region, the South Wales Valleys are a strong contender for the worst part of the United Kingdom.

Living in Pontypool, Wales

Pontypool. There is no hope. Do not come.

Pontypool council, ever fearful of being trumped by Thatcher, decided to finish the job she started by systematically ripping the town apart

Living in Newport

Newport, this is just a Hillbilly Love Town

You know when you're in Newport, when someone calls you Bra, like you're wrapped around a pair of tits and difficult to undo.