Abertillery: Welcome to The Valleys… of Hell!

Living in Abertillery, Wales
Living in Abertillery, Wales

A warning, don’t come here unless your ambition is to live in a complete slum!

I knew Wales standards would be different to England’s, but I didn’t realise they would have no standards here at all. My quality of life has dropped to nil since making the huge mistake of moving here. They despise old people, women (unless they behave like ***** that is) and particularly the English!

All they do is show off, drink, fight, chain smoke (cigarette butts litter everywhere! The place STINKS), make anti social noise 24/7, and commit petty crime. All the while shooting off their HUGE mouths, while saying nothing at all worth listening to!

How grim is your Postcode?

The accent is so awful, that after a while it actually makes you want to vomit. Everywhere is FILTHY! They just dump their rubbish anywhere and everywhere! They have no idea of the concept of self respect or good manners, that’s way beyond their mental capacity.

I have never seen so many hoodies or **** cars! And they all seem to be related to one another! Which explains a lot.

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