Stoke-on-Trent a.k.a Joke-on-Trent

Stoke-on-Trent, what a dump. It’s embarrassing to say you live here. A city slowly dying, well it’s actually already dead, but the locals haven’t woken up that fact yet. They are still living in the past of Reginald Mitchell and the long defunct Pottery industry, now a city of call centres and distribution centres where most of the locals haven’t even got the brains to gain employment in them.

The Uniform

It’s easy to spot a local, same uniform of fake sports top, tracksuit bottoms, and cruddy trainers. The so-called city centre Hanley is now a refuge for the smack-heads, I give up shopping there years ago. The height of fashion is a Primark store filled with cheap clothes which are out of fashion by the time they get them home on the bus if it doesn’t breakdown as they are old and decrepit just like Stoke is. I used to get on a bus that would breakdown, get on another one and that would die on us as well.

Bomb site

It’s quoted that during the war the German Luftwaffe looked at aerial photos of Stoke and asked themselves if they had already bombed it. 70 years on it’s still the same situation. Stoke’s only salvation is that North Korea lobs a nuke onto it and flatten the whole lot, that will increase property values straightaway. Areas to avoid Knutton, Bentilee (nobody works in that area), Meir, Norton and Tunstall (which is now classed as a third world country on it’s own.)

The roads are that worn in Stoke you can see the Victorian cobbles. The council has a debt bigger than the USA, and they still talk about it being a great place to live.

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