Burslem, the “Mother” town of Stoke

Burslem, AKA Boslem, to the ‘Mighty Valiants’ (Stone Island wearing, tattooed skin headed Port Vale supporters, with far too much self worth), is probably the WORST town in Stoke.

I say “Probably” because the fact is that no one knows anymore, they are all so ****.

Boslem, affectionately known as Bosnia, is the hometown of Robbie Williams and the “Mother” town of Stoke. Let me tell you that if she were a mother, she would be a pyjama clad, grey haired woman with many cats and nothing in her fridge but Findus Crispy Pancakes and stains.

Should you ever chance to visit Boslem in the day you will see a Wrights Pies, a Butchers, some Newsagents and the odd second hand tat shop amass an extravagant array of closed down buildings in a poor state of repair. You will find a generous collection of rehabilitated criminals, drug addicts and *********** asking in the shops to buy their items “On Tic”, presumably when their next lot of benefits or drug sale takes place.
There is an art gallery, which serves only to brainwash the people who live there into thinking that it is fabulous and sells a lot of Burslem Patriotic Pottery and other rubbish from the surrounding area.

Visit at night and you will find no fewer than 42 pubs and takeaways filled with the local ****. The Saggermakers being perhaps the most distasteful establishment I have personally ever entered and immediately removed myself from.

The worst thing about Burslem? Everyone from there believes that it is some sort of Mecca and is worthy of praise for the “beautiful old buildings” and that the council are leaving the “Mother” of Stoke to rot and ruin.

I say let her sit in her Vodka infused coma and soaked in her own urine.

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