Rochester should forget Dickens. He’s dead & the town should try a new trick

Rochester, where to start, firstly forget Dickens, the locals hang onto that image with every thread in their cheap market clothing.

He’s dead, and the town should try a new trick.

All the local are so, ‘Oh, we live in Rochester’ really??? It really is the very very slightly upmarket Medway town, as in lower than everywhere else, just slightly less ***** than Chatham, Gillingham or Strood.

It has a sort of ring road that after dark is circled by Fords and knackered old Sabaru’s with dodgy looking occupants with shaved heads, tattoos and track suit bottoms… you can’t actually see the tracky bottoms, but you just know they are there.

They drive round and round circling up the one or two decent folk that were silly enough to buy a property there without researching the place first.

It is sadly like the whole of the Medway area, damp and full of poor people who look like they have a week to live.

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