Musselburgh – quite pretty but knuckle dragging!

Living in Musselburgh, Scotland

Musselburgh is a town of some twenty odd ( very odd ) thousand ‘people’ which borders Edinburgh and East Lothian. The problem with Musselburgh is its inhabitants, who are largely ( but not wholly ) utterly awful. How one wee town has managed to create so many simpletons is one of life’s great mysteries. From pensioners to children the track suit is the uniform. Obesity seems to be compulsory as are rotten teeth and terrible tattoos. The local junkie crew is massive and of course state subsidised at every level. Non pregnant teenage females are a rarity and it seems that misery is their badge of honour.

Children are dragged up and I am sure merely used as a vehicle for the parent to get a roof over their head. The shops are rubbish and the pubs are really, really dangerous. Needless to say, the locals are incapable of not spitting on and littering their streets, so the streets are fittingly disgusting and dirty. Gangs of vicious teenagers roam the filthy streets causing nothing but trouble and more unwanted children in their wake.

Outsiders are viewed with disdain especially when it becomes apparent to the local that said outsider has white teeth, can string a sentence together, is intelligent and is not wearing a track suit – outsiders are often attacked.

How grim is your Postcode?

In short, Musselburgh is spoilt by the knuckle dragging locals. A town that is also actually quite pretty to drive through until you notice the inhabitants.