Loughborough – Bells and Bell-Ends

I live here, “me duck”. Loughborough (luff-brə, population 60,000) is a former industrial area, close to the Nottinghamshire border in the East Midlands within the Charnwood borough of Leicestershire, England. Loughborough people are very special, with very special needs. Famous for its bald and angry amateur bodybuilding boxers (that’s just the women), Loughborough is where it’s at for screaming, fighting, and drinking ’till you’re sick.

It still has its world-famous Bell-foundry, and world-famous bell-ends, but Loughborough is just like every other modern UK town, spoiled students with big education debts. Everybody lives happily together and gets on very well, though. Except for the stuck-up antisocial lot on the Nottingham Rd side.

After the five minutes it takes to get bored with coughing social outcasts or nervous breakdowns in the Library: you could try one of the many Pubs and talk to the Hillbillies. Or watch the local talent playing Duelin’ Banjos.See manic-depressives jump off the Carillon Tower, or prowl the streets with a carry-out, listening for student parties. Try the local backstreet hostels, unusual food and interesting hygiene. There you are, there’s lots to choose from, so fill your boots.

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