Coalville has the general aroma of a deceased town

Living in Coalville, Leicestershire

If you are thinking of moving to Coalville, then read this. Your sanity os on the line. As if the general aroma of a deceased town with zilch prospects wasn’t unappetising enough, we now have a 99% derelict addiction and the dole sucking kids to go with it! Welcome to a town that’s lost all aspiration, that’s given up on a chance of revival, and that’s thrown away any possible aspects that once made it even slightly appealing (Although, if I’m honest, it’s difficult to visualise such a bizarre proposition without slipping into a coma similar to sugar shock).

Increasing numbers of shops are abandoning ship and I have to say, that’s probably the only thing that’s keeping me going, for the more companies that decide to leave Coalville in the dust, the better chance that we’ll get so lost in the smog of nothingness that we’ll just have to close down and too jump ship with the rest of the lucky b@stards who had the bright idea to pack up shop.

You’ll likely lose every bit of sanity and good nature you possess while residing with us, and I can almost gamble my last flecks of sanity that a large contribution of the cynical and depressing persona you may possess will be sculptured here. Listen, if you’re a parent/soon to be parent that’s weighing up options on where to move to, STEER CLEAR OF THIS PLACE, if you’re one of the unlucky one’s your child will possibly turn cynical and depressive from the sheer boredom and lack of prospects this town delivers.

How grim is your Postcode?

Hold on to the little hope you have, and don’t come and join us, for hopes and dreams will be smashed within a year or two of as long as you’re residing with us.