Whitton, Twickenham…Where’s it all gone?

Living in Whitton, Twickenham

Ah Whitton, a once quiet, subtle and small area situated slyly between Hounslow and Twickenham has now become a blight on the surrounding area; even next to Hounslow. You see, after having spent the last 5-6 years living, going to school and generally going out around Whitton, I have experienced the first-hand deterioration of this once charming town. Although it never started life as particularly classy, it was still a safe-haven for well safety and security next to the murky, treacherous land of Hounslow. But now take a quick stroll down Whitton’s highstreet or if your feeling particularly fearless, it’s parks, and you will discover a far different place to what I described earlier.

In my opinion the influx of youths from Hounslow estates and even some Feltham estates have servery torn Whitton apart, they now stand at the exits of entrances of parks ( Crane or Murray) waiting for their next victim to simply stroll past, look one of them in the eye and there goes his/her phone! The highstreet is also populated but not just gangs of them, but complete packs, at least 20 or 30 of them strong. Kicking up cars, or terrorizing the local schoolkids. It’s a serious problem, I feel as if they see Whitton as their next prime target to rob the local youths.

I would recommend avoiding the Meadway of highstreet in case a group of these cowardly crusaders of Nike and Reebok come crashing down on you. What’s even worse is Whitton’s infrastructure itself, as even the buses (h22) are now shambling along on their last legs through over-use. Or the shops, oh lord the shops, they simply provide the bare essentials, the cuisine is limited to well either kebabs or pizza. Whitton is in dire need of a makeover, it’s inhabitants such as me, are suffering due to these criminally engaged youths who pick on nicer, charming kids who just want to mind their own business.

How grim is your Postcode?

It’s shops are falling apart, the parks a no mans land, the houses a mere sea of council houses the… Well that’s it to be honest. Not much but enough, Whitton is unhappy, these low-level vandals and thieves need to clear off back to their Estates. I know having Twickinham academy isn’t helping but at least they are civil, well take a walk down Powder Mill and see how civil you get there! I have no idea why they have just opened a new school in a place drowning on it’s own feces and ****** (the robbing youths) the council seem utterly oblivious to the situation. So for God’s sake HELP US!