High Wycombe aka BTEC Slough

Living in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

“Breaking News: Man stabbed outside church”, only in High Wycombe does someone get shanked in front of the Lord and half the population of Frogmore is permanently sh*t-faced and…umm…Desborough. The epitome of abject failure and never ending misery.

When you get so lost you wind up in High Wycombe, you’ll have the sudden urge to slam your car in to nearest brick wall- you may just find a family of 19 living in there. Everyone boasts about their 2016 BMW S-class, but you never see it pull into their drive for some reason.

I can vouch for the high class of crack heads in this cesspit, as when I was 15 I got robbed inside of a Dominos by a baked sket who stubbled in asked for a plastic bag then took the money from the counter and run in front of a bus.

How grim is your Postcode?

One upside. The legendary grime artist, the OG, Oppface lives here. Mans got hits like Skrr n Dash.