In the early 1960s some clever p***k in the council discovered there was a building substance called concrete and devoted over 20 minutes convincing the other half dead councillors to rebuild Aylesbury with it, and in an act that rivals Vesuvius’s covering of Pompeii in lava, Aylesbury was covered in Grey. Any building that had previously given the town its market town look was looked on with derision; whole street vanished to make way for a new shopping area called Friars Square and a new County Office called a f*****g eyesore, that was designed by someone who copied his 40 year old in-bred one eyed son’s construction of a penis made out of the Lego bricks he been chewing since birth.

To accommodate the hoards of builders, labourers and whores that rushed to the destruction estates sprang up all around the town centre; copying early the early success of Southcourt, there soon followed Quarrendon, Quarrendon 2 (the revenge), Elmhurst, Prebendal Farm, Mandeville, Walton Court, Quarrendon 3 (this time its personal) Hawslade Farm, and Buckingham Park, (my apologies to any chav having this read to them if I missed out your particular shitsink estate) all full to the rafters with nasty little chavs who spend their dole money overnight on drugs then spend 13 days in the gainful employment of burglary.boasts several pubs all of which are shite! In the day they are full of fat women with multi-coloured families drinking strong lagers while their brats run riot around the pub screaming and pissing everyone except for the inept barstaff who have learned to shut down during working hours. During the evening, the skinny drug addled husbands/boyfriends/pimps come in trying to sell the wares they have worked so hard to procure, and swap stories of how they terrorised some old lady in her own home as they plundered her meagre possessions (again) to howls of delight and laughter.

One of those c***s who murdered people during the London bombings came from Aylesbury, pity he didn’t let the f*****g thing off before he left

By: Daniel

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