Chesham! More Like Mayhem!

Living in Chesham

Chesham, despite having a charming Old Town, is akin to the seventh ring of hell!

I have lived in this nightmare place for seven years now and hate, hate, HATE it! It is a haven for narrow minded gossips who ‘have’ to focus on the lives of others as their own lives are pretty empty and dire. ****** drug dealers bring the less than favourable members of the area into the Town centre, where they hang out around the cheap burger bar not far from Sainsbury’s, being a damn nuisance. There are a huge number of single mothers below the age of 20 who favour these drug selling ******** and watses of space, ******* on to them as if they were some kind of catch. I call them walking STDs.

The place keeps going down hill, any more so and it will be underground completely! Did I say I hate the place?! I HATE THE PLACE!

How grim is your Postcode?

If you want to visit either coffee shops of charity shops, or charity shops or coffee shops come to Chesham. Want a miserable shopping experience? Go to Sainsbury’s, there are plenty of sour faced old women to choose from at the tills who will make your frickin’ day. Faces like tired old rectums, no hint of a smile, infact, be prepared to be snarled at.

You can find the odd decent sort amongst the sorry lot that float about here, but they are outnumbered by the twonks. The Drawingroom is the place to go if you want to meet folk who actually have brain cells that work!

As a woman I am constantly pestered by 30 something year old males dressed as teenagers, who think grabbing their crotches and grinning at me like ******** apes is appealing! No….just……NO!

Did I say I hate the place?

Crime is on the up, as are house prices. The houses were obviously built for midgets who enjoy living in VERY small spaces and who are happy with stamp sized gardens that aren’t level/even.

Oh, and I HATE the damned place.

Don’t come here, seriously! It sucks real bad!