Gosport – godsport my a*rse

Where to start? Gosport has two faces, the rather pleasant areas of lee-on-solent and Alverstoke. Then you have the areas surrounding the two ch@v and single mother factories of Brune Park and Bridgemary.

They produce generation after generation of scratters, the same people who proudly declare “I love gosport” whilst punching a minority, swigging some special brew and snorting a line. It really is a breeding ground for the most depraved examples of nerdowells.

The people born here will, in most cases, die here. They have zero ambition, zero respect, zero class, zero education and zero decorum. In fact, if anyone from the area is reading this, they will likely have to be checking a thesaurus every 5 or so words.

To be fair to gopsit Council, they have tried to rejuvenate the area with new develops, but unfortunately you cannot polish a t*rd.

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