Westhoughton a ******-******** town in the armpit of the North West

Living in Westhoughton

Welcome to another ****-******** town in the armpit of the North West. I recommend you stay well away from Westhoughton when on a trip around the U.K, or if for any other reason. There are absolutely no interesting facts about this small, worthless town apart from it has a large teenage pregnancy percentage and a very large underage drinking problem. Though some parts of Westhoughton are actually nice, as in well kept gardens, houses looking smart and reasonably priced cars parked on the drives, the rest is a wasteland. Ok, it is inhabited, but to some of the lowest of low-life **** you wouldn’t even compare to dog ****.

As you get close to the centre of the town, every house becomes more and more grotesque in every way. If you do unluckily get lost within this jungle of dilapidated buildings, do not stop your car at any point. Within seconds a gang with surround you and be off with your car before you can say “Oh ****”. If you are unfortunate enough to be walking through this crappy little area, don’t be surprised to see at least one **** smoking what he thinks is ‘weed’. Thankfully for myself, I live on the outskirts of this god forsaken town but I can’t say the same for my mates. Two unfortunate souls live almost smack bang in the midst of this jungle, and it is a pain for both them and me when trying to see if they are coming out.

Also, the worst part is they don’t like anyone different from them, even if it is just breathing differently, they will still have a go at you and most likely, punch you. You would be thinking by now, girls would be safe because no one hits a girl.. you’re wrong! This narrow minded morons will attack anything that even looks at them wrong. The worst possible time to be out around here is Friday nights and Saturday nights. Every shop you come across with be swarming with ***** outside and some unlucky sod inside buying these airheads their poison. Sometimes, they won’t be happy with just that, so the unlucky fellow gets a beating.

How grim is your Postcode?

So if you are thinking of traveling around the North West, stay completely away from Westhoughton because for all we know, you could become car-less in a matter of minutes if you not careful.