The diseased heart of darkness that is Mawdesley

Living in Mawdesley, Lancashire

Six miles outside of Latham is the diseased heart of darkness that is Mawdesley. It’s like Latham only with that sense of despair, alienation, sensory deprivation, incest and morbid depression cranked up to 11. Just like Latham incest and genetically inherited disorders are seen as a badge of pride and something “cool”.

Things like a pavement, a street light, a train station, that give Latham that real “buzz” are absent in Mawdesley. Mawdesley has been deliberately contained and isolated in order that the inhabitants don’t infect the gene pool of the wider population with their diseased and deformed DNA. There is no public transport and the council deliberately lets footpaths and roads to detiorate to the point that none of the ****** c**ts can escape. There is a special medical unit set up in the enclave to care for the children suffering the genetic consequence of centuries of centuries of rampant incest.

If Latham is the ******** of the universe – Mawdesley is an infected, puss-filled, ****-stained hemorrhoid clinging to the rim. Mawdesley is more irritating and actually more unpleasant than the **** itself. In fact that’s quite fitting for Mawdesley. Mawdesley is so **** and obscure – to be called an ******** of the universe or the **** or “centre” of anything would be seen a form of recognition that the obscure, isolated morbidly depressing ******** doesn’t deserve.

How grim is your Postcode?

Over the centuries only a handful of people have ever managed to escape the confines of Mawdesley, and break free of the shackles of ignorance, incest and bigotry, and few like to talk of their painful time there. Even fewer can read, fewer still have the use of language, fewer still understand concepts like electricity, and practically non have opposable thumbs, so the outside world never here’s about this decaying, diseased mortuary of a place.