Mawdesley: full of snobbish, obnoxious idiots

If you hate life and have lots of money then Mawdesley is the place for you. Most normal human-beings are forced to live in socially isolated, lifeless depressing ****** sh*tholes against their will, and most normal rich people chose to live in nice places – Mawdesley turns this logic on it’s head. Mawdesley is literally the worse place money could buy.

It really does takes a special breed of individual to actively seek out the most expensive depressing, lifeless, isolated, ****** sh*thole that their money can buy. It’s not surprising therefore everyone who has chosen to exist in Mawdesley is an rich obnoxious anti-social **** who hates life.

Typically the obnoxious, anti-social c**ts of Mawdesley fall in to the following categories.

– People who have been hounded out of society for some crime – e.g child abuse and need to escape from society and hole themselves up in isolation in an obscure ****** sh*thole in the **** end of Lancashire.

– White collar fraudsters, gangers – people who need to live somewhere obscure, hidden and anti-social to avoid coming in to contact with the people who they rip off in their dealings in the city.

– Hideously ****** farmer bumpkin types who have millions of years ********** behind them and simply lack the mental capacity to imagine living anywhere else. Lack the capacity to understand that things like incest are frowned on in outside society.

All in all Mawdesley is the worse collection of anti-social, obnoxious, ****** c**ts as you’ll get anywhere – holed up in isolation in a punishingly lifeless, bleak, obscure, hidden, isolated dead non-place in the **** end of Lancashire.

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