Colchester, Oh how this town has changed!

Oh how this town has changed! It used to be a nice place to live it is now blighted by Eastern Europeans and people who live in places like Cavendish Avenue that think they are something way above their lowly heritage. They forget they live on the edge of one of the worst areas in the town.

As with most towns like Colchester, they are near enough for Havering District Councils spawn to leach into the area thus bringing it down to the levels of Braintree, Witham and the long suffering Clacton. All originally nice areas that have been decimated by London overspill and the current trend for ‘mockney’ speak and a rash of ‘polish’ shops!

Colchester does have its nice areas but Highwoods and Greenstead are not places to venture out in and not for the faint hearted. A recent rash of TV documentaries have highlighted the areas problems but whilst accurate they also appear naturally to focus on the negative rather than highlighting the positive side of the area.

Unfortunately Colchester is becoming s victim of the social demise witnessed across the country thanks to poor spoken English, leisure wear and fast food chains. Visit Colchester and enjoy its architecture and ambience- just try to avoid the wannabes creeping around M&S and in common with every town in the country, McDonalds!

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