Whitstable: get drunk, smell of fish and nearly get into 5 fights

Anyone fancy a day out of the realms of inner city life? Fancy a nice family weekend away? Why not come to Whitstable? With pubs and small pointless shops scattered all over the fish smelling, narrow high street; this town is a treat! With young coke heads who think they’re John Wayne either [definitely not] in The Albert or mainly The Pearsons Arms this is a family friendly place.

Neighbouring the equally delightful Herne bay, this town offers little more than booze and cocaine fuelled *****, who linger by the seawall and high street like they are associated with the kray twins – Then again it wouldn’t be a shock if they were, as it seems everyone in Whitstable is from London anyway. Getting some form of drug down here is easier than getting something to eat. Why is this you ask? Because most shops shut at around 9, and on a Sunday it’s pretty much medieval.

On your travels why not talk to one of the local teens or young man who will greet you by screaming, ‘ALRIGHT BRUV’ in your face and make out to be your best friend and then tell there friends how some loser they could easily ‘do over’ just tried ‘giving it’. Before you know it this will be local news as everyone down here has nothing to do other then take or sell drugs and think that they are rocky balboa.

Why not come to whitstable to get drunk, smell of fish, and nearly get in 5 fights because you farted? Great little town!

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