Never in all of my years have I experienced a place like Westhoughton

Living in Westhoughton

Never in all of my years have I experienced a place like Westhoughton in Bolton, it is like the Star Wars cantina has got over populated and the regulars have been forced to come to this place as a second choice.  I often wondered what happens to all the **** bags and dregs of society when they disappear or drop out of the system, but don’t worry, I have since found out that they are safe and well with their webbed feet and six fingers living around the streets of Westhoughton.

In-breeding is rife in this part of the world as the little ***** have been known to refer to their male parent as “Uncle Dad”. These people are so blinkered in life and have absolutely no idea of the real world out there.

They live in a community of ****** council / ex-council housing and industrial estates, where the roads are crammed with artics and ****** boy racers passing through the town centre on their way to the carpark at Middlebrook, to “show off da wheelz” where in retrospect, a crappy Nova SR or Fiesta which has been “Halfords” up to the max.

How grim is your Postcode?

The people of Westhoughton are closer than a community, with there shaven heads, scruffy overalls and a *** ******* out of their ugly fat working class gobs, which is crammed full of chips – and you should see the men!

The local rat-boys can be found every evening walking the streets with their fake Burberry caps and trackie bottoms stuff into their socks, menacing society while the police turn a blind eye – cause they are used to it too!!

The older generation of Westhoughton residents do nothing but complain about the new housing developments that are springing up and “ruining” the area. Ruining the area?? What the are you on about you decrepit old f*ckers, Westhoughton was and has always been a f*cking cesspit of society, and now it is still a f*cking cesspit – with some nice houses dotted about.

F*cking bunch of knuckle dragging arseholes – don’t go there, you’ll never come out alive.