Come to Weeting, we have a steam festival and that’s about it

Living in Weeting, Norfolk

Come to Weeting, Norfolk if you want to see nothing other than 9 year old wannabe gangsters, dog excrement covered streets and a bunch of eccentric yokels. Amazing what 1000 years of local breeding can do.

On your arrival, after getting stuck at the station gates, obviously you will first see the “neighbourhood heroes” of the village at the community speed watch, pointing their old hairdryer lookin thing at you, when everyday they speed round the city in their massive four wheel truck that they can’t seem to park in their own driveway.

If you drive past park view you will see approximately 4 nice houses and then be met with the rundown council houses. If you’re lucky enough to come at the time of the only mildly exciting thing that EVER happens here – the steam engine rally you’ll see the beautiful sights of the entire teenage population of Brandon, hockwold, feltwell, methwold and Weeting, will probably witness at the least 2 stabbings usually the result of yokels and farmers arguing, you can see the lovely sight of the extremely responsible adults getting blind drunk at the beer tent while their children are probably getting lost.

How grim is your Postcode?

If you travel down Shadwell Close, get out as fast as you can. I would genuinely rather cut my own legs off then go anywhere near that place.

Traveling further into Weeting you may pass the primary school that used to be decent, but isn’t now [allegedly]. The teachers [allegedly] don’t know any of the children and the midday supervisors are [allegedly] incredibly rude to children, staff and parents and quite frankly, think they run the place… honey, if the best job you can get is a dinner lady at a primary school, you’re in no place to judge anyone, get a real job.

If you would like to buy some overpriced petrol you could try the garage, but lord knows they never have anything in because they keep changing the owners, sort yourself out, you could go to the shop to buy some food and will probably be met with 5 year old chocolate and crisps.

The rest of Weeting is still awful, I just cant be bothered to talk about it anymore…