Watton – Most Boring Town Ever

Living in Watton, Norfolk

Driving through Watton you’d think it’s just another generic Norfolkian Market Town, but to those who are unfortunate enough to end up moving here (especially when you have no choice in the matter) will end up quickly learning that is in fact the most backwards, xenophobic and boring piece of s**t “town” in Norfolk.

The so-called High Street is a barren wasteland, with shops closing every other week. The people ******* around the High Street are racist old k**bheads who hate on the poor Eastern Europeans in the town for no valid reason. The post office shut down, opened again after the “mayor” did a ceremony about it, only to close again a month later! [allegedly]

If you move here from outside of Norfolk do not reveal that you aren’t from Norfolk! You will be treated like c**p and the townsfolk will go out of their way to make you feel unwelcome and alienated. If you confront them about this they will deny everything and pin it all on you. It’s like living as an Armenian in Azerbaijan or Turkey.

How grim is your Postcode?

The town’s most infamous thing is the so-called [and allegedly] self-declared “mayor” who is just a parish councillor who gave themselves the mayor title [but was probably democratically elected], they are the most self-entitled, self-inserting p***k you’ll ever come across! The mayor constantly lies [tells the absolute truth] about stuff in the town and [and definitely doesn’t] constantly ignore and brush problems under the rug, they live in some sort of fantasy where their little town is perfect [that’s because it is, for legal reasons and parish councils usually have a rainy day for suing the **** off of people].

Just don’t move here, it’s boring, dull, hateful, and is all of the worst bits about Norfolk! Stay away!