Trowbridge – The Detroit of Wiltshire

Living in Trowbridge, Wiltshire

First off, let me say that Trowbridge is NOT the worst town i have visited. In fact, it is home to some of the nicest people i have ever met. This fact however, doesn’t stop the place from being a dull, dirty, dingy, depressing, dilapidated, desolate, derelict dive of a town. It needs immediate demolition for the sake of the few decent folks who are stuck in it.

Bafflingly laid out

The county town of Wiltshire is an example of what can happen when local politics and planning systems fail on a level that can only be compared with the building of Chernobyl. It is home to:

  • An incomprehensible one way systems
  • A bafflingly laid out shopping district which has spread out to the point that finding anything can require SAS skills in orienteering (try to find Boots if you’re on the high street, go on, give it a try)
  • So many abandoned and ruined buildings that it often resembles Groznyy after the Russians razed it to the ground.

After dark

Trowbridge has also become a place where the locals are half afraid to set foot outside after dark, the town has seen many instances of robbery and knife crime in recent times which is pretty impressive for a supposedly quiet and rural part of the country. The proximity of Bristol has also meant that many younger scallies have decided that they want to be like banksy, and so much of the town is littered with crappy tags and poorly designed ‘artwork’ (the type that often makes a run down area look even worse).

How grim is your Postcode?

Summing up, Trowbridge is a fine example of the many problems which has seen many towns in the West Wilts area go to the dogs in recent years, and if things keep going downhill at the rate they are, sooner or later they’ll all end up looking like Swindon.

Those who live in the town and surrounding areas deserve better.