If you don’t have a kid by 20, are you really from Torquay?

Torquay is the place where the **** culture originated. If you don’t have a kid by the age of 20, are you really from Torquay? The average day consists of waking up trying to figure out who the girl next to you is, noticing her school uniform so decide to leave ASAP. Find your other **** friends to get a high, get ready for the evening, get so wasted you don’t know your own name. Listen to some tunes the DJ is putting out only to have a rap battle to kick off when your half way through making out with another 14 year old.

This shows why Torquay is one of the highest ranked places for suicide rates, underage pregnancies and mental health problems.

If your visiting Torquay then if it is sunny, there is nowhere better to be. Make sure you bring no valuables, as these will get stolen and if you happen to park in Torquay, then chances are you’ll have to get public transport home.

The people who are lucky to escape the ghetto often find themselves struggling in the real world outside of Torquay.

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