Living in or moving to Tilbury, Essex
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Welcome to the country’s biggest dead end town, where nobody works, scum of the earth live & kids play on the street until the early hours of the morning. Everybody I see, smokes weed. Everybody I look at is scum. Everything I do is better than the bastards do that live here.

Outside the 3 blocks of high rise flats, early, every morning, loud music blasts out of one of the windows. People shout up to other flats as they cannot afford credit/credit rating is too poor to get a mobile phone. “Got any puff?” says one layabout. But the listener can’t hear as their appalling taste in music is blasting out too loudly.

You’ve also got the maze of council houses, with endless alleyways which most have been blocked off due to the amount of thugs getting away with crime. What a waste of money, by Thurrock Council. They’re good at that though.

The nearest pub is 40 minutes walk away, although, saying that, it is an incredibily nice pub next to the fort & river. I’d imagine it is so nice beacuse the stupid stonehead scum cannot navigate their stupid bodies there.

If the people are not thugs in the town, they’re incredibily obese, with disgusting boils all over their skin, who just sit in their front garden all day, hoping they’ll win on their £1 scratchcard they have bought from “News, Food & Booze.”

15 year olds walk round with beer, cigarettes & tags on their legs. Mothers, Fathers and Grandparents don’t care about their son, wasting their life in this dead end hole.

The only way for this town to get any better is for someone to come and destroy it. Destroy the scum, destroy the staff dogs, destory the BNP headquaters just down the road in Grays, and destroy all of the scum smoking weed and destroy all of the scum living in the housing here.

Ok, there are a couple of decent people living here. You can see from their faces that they hate it just as much as every other decent person does.

The town is crap.

Thurrock Council is crap and

The Police Force is absolutely appalling.

If you want this, please, move to Tilbury Town.

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