Living in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Cambridgeshire, East Anglia, United Kingdom

I am 16, I live in Peterbrough and I am forced into living the ‘chav’ life because this place is so f*****g s**t, it has the highest immigration rates in the whole of the UK(fact) and that means bare f*****g polskis! Robbing shops and knife crime! This place literally has no English people and I live on a council estate which is a pile of s**t, everyone I know is a ‘ch4v’ which makes me a ‘ch4v’ all because I do not have a lot of money, I smoke weed to fight depression and I talk in a certain way because that is how EVERYONE my age talks here!

Honestly the shittest place you could get stabbed for making eye contact with someone, most people carry knives if not even sometimes guns. You start to walk into Peterbrough town and you see crack heads in alley ways shooting up heroin and getting in fights. Random scroats come up to you and ask you if you want to buys guns or drugs. Everyone robs each other because everyone is poor.

Kids start smoking weed at about the age of 11 now, and I’m not exaggerating. Places in Peterborough like the Welland Estate for example, you can walk down a whole street and you will probably find one front window intact. Some houses have their windows bordered up so they cannot be broken into. Places like Eastfield, scroats roam the streets praying on kids to sell weed to and fake bacci.

Orton, another complete s******e run by gangs, and Warrington or ‘wza’ as the local gangs call it, is another s**t hole. Every shop window has been smashed up and you walk in the centre near Tescos and you see a clutch of 14 year old kids kicking the s**t out of a 20 year old man, but honestly these guys ask for it! The older folk come out the pub or whatever calling all the small gangs pussies and then get there head smacked in. In conclusion PETERBOROUGH IS THE SHITTEST CITY IN THE UK TO LIVE IN, IN HAS THE MOST IMMIGRANTS IN ANY PLACE IN THE UK, AND ALSO IS RUN BY DRUG SELLING GANGS WITH KNIVES AND GUNS , in most places you can’t step outside your house feelings safe at night.

  • Vic Mac

    bloody good, take with pride and change your life for the better. welldone rita.

  • Rita

    And do you know what? I actually enjoy living here – if only it wasn’t for racist twats who blame their inability to thrive on everyone else but themselves.

  • Rita

    Wow you sound like a smart cookie LOL. I happen to be one of the “polskies” living in Peterborough, I’m 28, bought a house already, work a full time job that pays £30k a year (been recently promoted) because I bothered with my education and never smoked weed. I never come close to the council estate as it is infested with people like you. How ironic you’re writing such a post being a low life racist nobody.