Peterborough: oh for a nuclear bomb (or a really big bulldozer)

Living in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England

Peterborough. Well, what can I say about it? Like many other places in Britain it has very little left now that is culturally significant. St John’s church, the Cathedral and the Bull Hotel. Nothing else. The heart of this small (but nice) little place was ripped out in the 60’s and 70’s in the name of modernisation and now we are left with a bland dismal nothing.

Incredibly Boring

It is an incredibly boring place, populated by youth that speak only in grunts or other similar noises and who possess perhaps a single functioning brain cell (certainly no more than that ) and who all attend [an educational facility we can’t name… exactly] or Peterborough Rejects College as it is more commonly known by the minority here who can read, write and actually speak English.


It is full of foreigners who prefer to use their own languages. Why not? They are hard placed to find many locals that they can communicate with given the strange and limited speech skills of the ch*v native youth.

How grim is your Postcode?

Hitler missed Peterborough

Peterborough should have been destroyed during WW2 but even Hitler and Goering didn’t think it was worth bothering with. Then we had the Yanks at an airbase (Alconbury) just outside down the A1 a bit. God knows what they made of the place! Surely they could have mislaid the odd A bomb or two and turned the place into a big duck pond.

It has got to go!

It is horrible and I urge you all to vote for it at the next vote ( end of 2019) as the biggest sh*thole in Britain.