Leigh, Greater Manchester, is in a time warp 15yrs behind normal life

Hmmm what can I say, quite a lot actually!  I don’t originate from here, thank god, but have lived here for a few years for reasons I can’t state.  So from an outsiders vision and what I’ve seen, heard and know about over the past few years lol here we go…

The outer town shops, ie) Atherleigh retail park is fine, no problems, clean-ish and normal people using it. The town centre is scary in the day, pick pockets ,thieves, homeless, ***** and Scallies everywhere, watch your pockets and bags! By evening it’s worse, more Scallies, gangs and ***** ******* round for every opportunity. By night it’s a beer piss fest of scallies who probably only own one shirt and one pair of pants, watch your drinks, spiking still going on, ladies watch your bags, they’ll nick anything, men and women thieving every pub! Cheap drinks though! Lots of rough guys and dolls out on the pull! But if you look past the ***** the night can be thick but fun, don’t bring your IQ out with you it’s unnecessary and probably will get nicked!

The people of Leigh are a unique breed! Lazy, dirty and unemployed a lot of the time, though the few who do work are ok and can be normal humans! If you walk or drive through pretty much all of Leigh you’ll seen an abundance of Scallies ******* around doing absolutely naff all and still finding the pennies for cigs cider and weed, and the vocabulary of a muppet. The odd few who work do try, but are brought down by the **** brigade that corrupt the town.
The area on the whole is in a time warp and lives about 15years behind normal life and is not quite got to the 2016 civilisation level, but I’m sure it’ll get there by 2030!

Wigan council need to spend more money on road cleaning, grass area cleaning and general maintenance of the town as it does feel that Leigh comes in as the last resort in the money spending! Which in some ways is understandable but doesn’t give a good impression to the locals of how to look after your own town when the council don’t seem to care either!
Leigh isn’t the worst place on earth, but oh you’ve got to be strong to stand it!

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