Landkey is a depressing festering place

Living in Landkey, Devon

I came to Devon to enjoy life and have fun and must be off my head to have gone with Landkey. Landkey is only a few miles out of Barnstaple but it might as well be 500 years ago in feudal times, because the reality of one of the small minded ****** locals coming at you with a pitch fork is very real. You can’t fart without someone having an opinion on it. Don’t whatever you do think it’s acceptable to have fun and let fireworks off or anything, because they will all take to their winging and moaning. This usually happens via the village social media page. They can’t get enough of it.

The pub could have so much potential if it weren’t made into a beer swilling place for the over 50s men folk of the village. *****? Loads here. They ship them in. Recently a nice lot of new builds were done and went up for sale. Just don’t. All the ***** in the village applied for an upgrade from their current social housing and are now festooned on the outskirts. Best damn place for them. Big gobby lot, smoking drinking and rowing on their doorsteps if they aren’t flinging their dog **** over your fence.

This place is in the dark ages with all its gossiping and small minded rubbish. Every public building in Landkey where locals are allowed to gather should be avoided. They steal your soul. It’s a depressing festering place. Run now.

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