Falkirk is definitely the ned capital of Scotland

Living in Falkirk, Scotland

Being brought up in Falkirk most of my life (till the grand old age of 28) I never before noticed a ned… till my recent visit back to the twilight zone. I stumbled across ned after ned, the only thing that saved me being permanently blinded by all there cheap and tacky bling was my 99p sun glasses.

Never before have I seen so many people eating 20 chunks of chewing gum without regurgitating the lot and still talking a lot of codswallop at the same time. Hell, i thought shell suits and the likes went out in the eighties…perhaps they should be banned from public places along with all the Rab C Nesbit look-a-likes. Maybe the British public could create ‘SAVE THE NED’ fund or deport the lot to outer Africa where their ****** clothes would be more appreciated than on the high streets of the uk. I would like to say “come on British public teach your kids how to dress”…until I stumbled across a father and son with matching **** out fits…

The high street seems to be the local ned meeting ground in fact, you stumble across them everywhere… on a recent trip to the ladies loo down new market street, I was confronted by a group of **** waiting to use the toilet…I was very tempted to swing myself of there dangly, loopy earrings but thought better not…

How grim is your Postcode?

Falkirk is definitely the ned capital of Scotland