Failsworth: a town of hard working individuals & lazy pond life

Living in Failsworth, Greater Manchester

Failsworth a Town of two tales, one of hard working individuals and the other of Lazy ****** child production line pond life, where the only job people have had, is going to the job centre to Sign On.

A place where some people will go to great lengths to not pay the 5p bag charge, by stealing trolleys or hand baskets.

The home of Failsworth Pole, where many locals believe poll dancing originated.  The first ‘political pole’ was erected in 1793 although a local historian suggests there were others before and that maypoles probably stood on the site for centuries. The pole that now stands on the site replaces one blown down in 1950.

How grim is your Postcode?

The KFC / Tesco Car parks have become a homing beacon for the chavy offspring to congregate around when they are not spawning around the Metro Stop.  Talking about the Metro Tram.  The area around the entrance to Hardman Lane is like a scene out of a American “Hood” movie crossed between Shameless. 90% of the day you will see the residence out on the front having a *** and some cheap super strength larger whilst sat out on old broken furniture whilst their spawn of scroaty kids are causing mayhem on the roads.

The Nicer area of Failsworth is “Woodhouses” , however people in this area believe they are Posh and the woman often compare them selves to the “house wives of Cheshire” and are “Wag” wannabes.

Local area of interest is Daisy Nook with its own “Crime Lake” which surprisingly has nothing to do with Crime.

Daisy Nook park runs through the Medlock Valley in an area once called Waterhouses. Waterhouses was one of three ‘houses’ in the Failsworth area, the other two being Millhouses (now Clayton Bridge) and Woodhouses. Was given its name from one of more famous of residence of Failsworth Benjamin Brierley. The other most famous residence of Failsworth is Tracey, she will do anything you could imagine or hope for, for a pint of bitter and bag of chips.