Eccles, you can only judge a sh*thole by what passes through it

Living in Eccles, Greater Manchester

My My My, There is an old saying of “You can only judge a s**t hole by what passes through it” …. aint it the truth!

I have lived here for approx 18 months and it’s hell, this is not due to the area, facilities etc but the people.
Salford City Council should be proud of all the council blocks, high rises and alike they have built here (it’s what makes it such a dive). They have recently started age banding area’s when housing people – what a great idea I thought, but think logically about it …. all the ***** with 4 kids and 13 boyfriends are all in particular areas (mainly Eccles!) making it impossible to safely walk through certain parts of town day or night.

Should you ever have the misfortune of needing to visit Eccles Shopping Precinct I feel for you, no really, i do. At a guess 10 shops out of about 30 are still trading and not boarded up these mainly being Farmfoods, Greggs, Peacocks and oh yes… another frozen food shop. During the day you will find the classy ***** with their cheap argos pushchairs, tracksuits, trainers and **** in their mouths shouting at the kids “Oi ya f*ckin little ******* stop kicking the old girl in front and get her purse instead, dad needs weed tonight”

How grim is your Postcode?

Then we need to get out of Eccles town centre, not a problem the 67 bus along Liverpool Road should help … yep… full of all the ****** going back to their council houses on the Brookhouse estate, Irlam or Cadishead. Get on this bus at your own risk!!!!!!!!

To sum Eccles up, if you dont own a tracksuit, aging trainers and dress in the 90’s fashion then stay clear for your own benefit, you will end up with a black eye and a knife in your back!!!