Swinton is a sewer, moved here from Macclesfield, big mistake!

Living in Swinton, Greater Manchester

Just wanted to post about a town I lived in 2 years ago, Swinton. I moved here from Macclesfield as I already hated Macc and wanted to move closer to friend. Big mistake!
The first day I was walking through the precinct I was attacked by an old man (Looked homeless) and said he’d leave me alone if i gave him 3 quid. I only had 5 quid which i needed for my dinner and told him **** off.

As i was walking around I noticed there was a lot of charity shops and pound shops, the people shopping looked like extras from The Walking Dead, like they were all on something!

A few days later there was a murder nearby and a shooting in separate incidents. There’s a place nearby called Little Hulton and according to people i met in the pub, this is where a lot of the violence stems from. There’s a bitter rivalry between these Two.

How grim is your Postcode?

The whole place seems to have a eerir feel to it like the atmosphere is flat. Pretty much like living on the moon but with zombies!!!!!

I’m on my last week here and I’m moving back to Macc, better the devil you know as they say!