Donnington, Telford – Home of alleged perverts and drugs

Donnington is hardly spoken of in Telford. It’s no secret that it [allegedly] houses perverts, especially ones on Highlander Drive and Station Road.

The people that have houses here think they are the dogs b*llocks, but they bloody aint! And no one with sense would live here. My sister who is underage has been offered drugs, asked if she wants ‘a good time’ with an older man and nearly mugged by idiots by Mcdonalds.

When we moved here I was only young and even back then in the early 2000’s, you could tell it was going down the toilet. My parents thankfully sold their house at a small loss, but I was so pleased they moved to Wales.

If you want to have a laugh, just look at house prices in Donninton. They are f*cking insane, thinking any buyer (******** or not), would pay anything above £130,000 to live here… even in a six bed house.

The only people that should live here are perverts, sickos and people who want to buy a stupidly priced house.

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